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3/4/2015 9:29:50 AM
New Version of IncrediBuild Released for Game Acceleration and Multi platform Development
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New Version of IncrediBuild Released for Game Acceleration and Multi platform Development

Game Development

New Version of IncrediBuild Released for Game Acceleration and Multi platform Development

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

IncrediBuild, a provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, has released IncrediBuild 6.1 with enhancements for accelerating multiplatform development including support for Xbox and Playstation SDKs and additional QT acceleration.

IncrediBuild harnesses unutilized processing power across networks, speeding the code build and other compute intensive processes as part of the overall continuous integration (CI) and application life cycle management (ALM) processes. More than 100,000 users access the process virtualization technology of the IncrediBuild platform for development acceleration. 

The platform provides developers with the opportunity for intensive graphical acceleration and cross-platform development. With IncrediBuild 6.1, developers now have access to the acceleration of rendering tools, graphic processors, and multi-platform builds to promote quality and fast time-to-market. IncrediBuild eases the tasks of rapid acceleration, continuous integration and Agile development as developers don’t need to wait for their code to compile across multiple codebases and devices, further enhancing productivity and enabling rapid releases.

IncrediBuild also accelerates the Qt cross-platform application framework. With this latest release, build tools and build rules can be run in parallel. Under Visual Studio alone, these tasks are run only sequentially. For example, IncrediBuild can be used to highly accelerate Qt Meta-Object Compiler (moc) steps. This ability enhances IncrediBuild cross-platform development ability, making Agile acceleration even easier.

A Visual Studio Industry Partner, IncrediBuild supports the latest releases of Microsoft Visual Studio, including Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6.0. With IncrediBuild 6.1, developers can use the same codebase to develop both on mobile and console platforms. In addition, the latest release introduces support for Xbox February 2015 SDK and Sony PlayStation 2.000 SDK.

New version enhancements include:

- The Xbox February 2015 SDK and Sony Playstation 2.00.00 SDK

- Visual Studio 2015 Community Technology Preview CTP 6

- CUDA Compilation Acceleration features parallelization and distribution of CUDA compilation tasks

- Running build tools and build rules in a parallel and distributed manner

- Bug fixes and enhancements in predicted execution 

“IncrediBuild is continually improving to enable multi-platform development, whether on mobile, cloud, gaming consoles, or desktop or server deployment,” said Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “The latest release of IncrediBuild further enhances our commitment to build acceleration on any platform and any device.”

IncrediBuild 6.1 will be available for download at on the company’s website at the end of the month.

Read more: https://www.incredibuild.com/

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