1. New Version of CloudMaestro Application Delivery Controller Released
10/5/2015 2:05:03 PM
New Version of CloudMaestro Application Delivery Controller Released
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New Version of CloudMaestro Application Delivery Controller Released

New Version of CloudMaestro Application Delivery Controller Released

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Monday, October 5, 2015

Lagrange Systems’ CloudMaestro, a cloud-based application delivery controller (ADC), has received a number of new upgrades which enhances the platform’s ability to scale out or in synchronously ahead of demand.
CloudMaestro is an ADC architected for the cloud which can commission or decommission instances rapidly to serve new applications or sudden changes in user demand for an application. The platform scales an entire application infrastructure using algorithms to predict future growth in real time.

This latest release enhances the cloud-agnostic platform’s ability to bring auto-scaling to both the web and application layers to meet sudden and unpredictable spikes in demand for bandwidth and availability which is characteristic of e-commerce and other high-demand web-scale environments hosted in the cloud, across multiple cloud providers or hybrid clouds. 

CloudMaestro auto scales, balances and secures the web and application layer for all workloads, including mobile, across hardware deployments, CDNs and one or more cloud provider’s infrastructure. Also, device-independent optimization is built in for all web and mobile sites and applications.

The platform provides content caching for static content at the edge, acceleration for dynamic content and within the infrastructure layers to allow for fast performance. CloudMaestro’s TCP optimization allows for acceleration across multiple connections as well.

The CloudMaestro software stack is self healing and has no single point of failure across cloud instances or multiple cloud providers and includes automatic DNS management of the application. Built-in integration with website uptime measurement and monitoring tools offer detailed alerting to pre-defined events through the platform’s visibility dashboard which includes detailed metrics and logs. The CloudMaestro API allows customers to integrate the available metrics and logs into their internal monitoring tools for management simplicity. 

The CloudMaestro web application firewall provides comprehensive functionality with support for extensive security policies including SSL/TLS encryption support to protect the application as well as end users. CloudMaestro provides distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Mitigation with scalability and alerting mechanisms. The software stack is built with PCI DSS compatibility.

CloudMaestro is available with two main deployment options. The Managed Cloud option is a SaaS solution which includes cloud hosting with a provider of choice, within desired regions or across cloud providers. The Licensed Cloud offers CloudMaestro’s software stack as a license to customers to support their cloud infrastructure that is owned, run and managed by the customer.

Read more: http://www.lagrangesystems.com/cloud-maestro/

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