1. New SDK providing visual AI for mobile apps
4/23/2019 12:04:39 PM
New SDK providing visual AI for mobile apps
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New SDK providing visual AI for mobile apps

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Want to train Artificial Intelligence to recognize objects or people? Chooch will officially launch and demo a turnkey kit that effectively lowers the bar to integrate AI into any business and vertical.

Chooch AI will launch the Chooch IC2 mobile software development kit beta (SDK) this week. With this release, Chooch provides enterprise-grade trainable facial and object identification to mobile applications.

Chooch has been deployed by customers for a wide range of applications on many platforms. Chooch can be rapidly trained to be a visual expert in any field, from types of aircraft parts to individual human faces, to identifying and counting cancer cells. When Chooch is presented with images or videos that contain perceptions learned by its neural networks, Chooch returns metadata such as a person’s identity for security purposes, a product SKU, or the condition of an asset such as a machine part. Chooch can be trained to accurately identify features in any media, like web-based video or images on mobile phones, live drone feeds and medical imagery.

The ROI for customers using the Chooch SDK is immediate. e.g., Chooch decreases the speed of facial recognition training to seconds, reduces costs by 80x for tagging of visual data and increases revenue by 5x for video advertising.

Pricing and availability

The first 1000 API calls are free. All subsequent 1000 calls will be $1. Enterprise pricing available upon request.

Read more: https://chooch.ai/sdk/

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