1. New Puppet Enterprise Platform Offers Distributed Application Orchestration
10/6/2015 12:06:33 PM
New Puppet Enterprise Platform Offers Distributed Application Orchestration
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New Puppet Enterprise Platform Offers Distributed Application Orchestration

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Puppet Enterprise is releasing a new platform, Puppet Application Orchestration, which will be available later this year. It offers a new application orchestration solution to help companies deliver, install, configure and maintain distributed applications. 

It offers a simplified application orchestration process which offers customers the opportunity to model distributed applications and application stacks as Puppet code to roll out new infrastructure and applications.

The new platform offers a complete management stack on a single platform which provides the opportunity to reduce the complexity of deploying and managing applications that are composed of multiple applications or services that span multiple nodes.

Puppet Enterprise developers will be able model entire applications in the Puppet DSL, including cross-node dependencies between different services and systems that make up the application stack. Based on that model, the new Puppet Orchestrator offers the capability to ensure that the right things happen in the right order on the right machines as the application is deployed or updated.

Puppet Application Orchestration offers the following:

- Easy-to-read, declarative language that allows the ability to quickly state how systems should be configured to do their jobs.

- PuppetDB collects and stores data about every node in an infrastructure and includes a searchable database of the resources managed on any node.

- The Puppet Serve runs on the Java Virtual Machine, compiling configurations for Puppet agent nodes.

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