1. New Dedicated built.io Offers Mobile Backend as a Service
8/26/2014 3:08:13 PM
New Dedicated built.io Offers Mobile Backend as a Service
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New Dedicated built.io Offers Mobile Backend as a Service

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A new enterprise mobile backend-as-a-service, dedicated built.io, makes built.io’s platform available to companies that want to deploy their applications and data in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. Enterprises can access built.io running on VMware vCloud, which allows the ability to host mobile workloads in a cloud environment that they can control.

The way built.io works is to connect an app with built.io servers, using a SDK or REST APIs. Developers can then use built.io as their datastore, rely on it for data validation and security needs, upload files, push notifications and more. Developers receive data storage, advanced queries on data, file storage, ACLs (Access Control Lists) for security of data and files, analytics, and Webhooks as an integration mechanism.

built.io features a complete data storage solution. Think of it as a cloud-based database that can be universally accessed. Advanced queries are possible, for example, to retrieve relational data based on a set of conditions. Developers can use the management interface to design what data should look like, and have a predictable dataset that works.

Security of data is enabled by the role-based ACL support that built.io provides. Set the ACLs from the management interface and decide who gets to do what. Additionally, developers can also assign permissions dynamically using the SDKs.

built.io provides SDKs for iOS, Android and the web. There is also a REST API that allows developers to integrate built.io with virtually any platform that supports HTTP.

Key features of the new dedicated built.io include:

- Private, public or hybrid cloud deployment options

- Host and deploy built.io anywhere in the world

- Analytics and reporting for compliance

- End-to-end security with AnyAuth enterprise authentication and optional encryption

- Native and cross-platform development with SDKs and REST APIs

- Drag-and-drop app development via frontend technology integrations

- Unlimited internal developer collaboration

- Integration with 3rd party APIs and corporate IT systems

- 24×7 monitoring and management of environment

- Increased and guaranteed SLAs

- Custom branding and white labeling options

- Global 24×7 support

- Monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription

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