10/14/2016 2:13:25 PM
New AnacondaCrew partner program to leverage open data science technology
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New AnacondaCrew partner program to leverage open data science technology

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Analytics Friday, October 14, 2016

Continuum Analytics, the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, has announced the launch of the AnacondaCrew Partner Program. Following the recent momentum in revenue and Anaconda growth of over three million downloads, this program is focused on enabling partners to leverage the power of Open Data Science technology to accelerate time-to-value for enterprises by empowering modern data science teams.

The AnacondaCrew program is designed to drive mutual business growth and financial performance for Technology, Service and OEM partners to take advantage of the fast-growing data science market. 

The AnacondaCrew Partner Program includes:

- Technology Partners offering a hardware platform, cloud service or software that integrates with the Anaconda platform

- Service Partners delivering Anaconda-based solutions and services to enterprises

- OEM Partners using Anaconda, an enterprise-grade Python platform, to embed into their application, hardware or appliance

In the last year, Continuum has quickly grown the AnacondaCrew Partner Program to include a dozen of the best known modern data science partners in the ecosystems, including Cloudera, DataCamp, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Docker and others.

Read more: http://www.continuum.io