9/16/2014 2:30:41 PM
Moxtra Releases Communication and Collaboration SDK for Mobile and Web App Developers
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Moxtra Releases Communication and Collaboration SDK for Mobile and Web App Developers

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Moxtra has launched a new SDK for mobile app developers. It is a mobile first, contextual communication and collaboration cloud platform. It provides the ability to enable app users to engage with each other via chat, voice call, screen-sharing, voice & visual clips, and annotation without leaving an app. The Moxtra SDK allows any mobile or web application, on any device, to integrate these platform capabilities to bring contextual communications to an app and content.

The Moxtra SDK provides a pluggable UI element that connects and delivers Moxtra services from the cloud. Launched within an app via a ‘Moxo’ button, the Moxtra SDK allows app publishers to bring in-context communication and collaboration to their users. Moxtra SDK integration is client side only and won’t impact an app’s backend.

The Moxtra SDK currently includes four modules for developers: Moxtra Chat, Moxtra Meet, Moxtra Draw and Moxtra Clip. Moxtra Chat gives users in-app access to messaging and collaboration for team or topic-based activities. Moxtra Meet lets users start a full-fledged, real-time meeting on the go with screen sharing and audio conferencing. Moxtra Draw and Moxtra Clip allow users to annotate or record voice over app screens or files stored in the app or the cloud. With the modular approach, developers can pick and choose the capabilities they need to enable in-app communication plus collaboration experiences for their users. 

The Moxtra SDK is powered by Moxtra Cloud, built for mobile-first communication plus collaboration services. Moxtra Cloud also powers the Moxtra app that is available as a co-branded app to select partners. 

Read more: http://www.moxtra.com/developer/