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9/27/2019 8:35:42 AM
Monitor air pollution with an app and developer API
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Monitor air pollution with an app and developer API


Monitor air pollution with an app and developer API

Friday, September 27, 2019

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Monitor the air pollution in your area with BreezoMeter to keep your friends and family safe from the harmful effects of wildfires and other air pollutants.

Monitoring your exposure to pollution due to wildfires just got much easier with the release BreezoMeter, an application helping users to plan ahead by utilizing the fire alerts functionality provided by their free mobile app. The movement of wildfire smoke is hard to predict. It's only recently been discovered that wildfire pollution travels much further than accounted for in reporting and that its toxic particles can linger for many days after a fire is out.

"The current systems for measuring air pollution rely on outdated methods that are not comprehensive, causing unnecessary exposure to harmful pollution. We built BreezoMeter to provide the most comprehensive air quality information available so that people can protect themselves by reporting the pollution levels on the street where they live and travel each day, make schedule changes and take actions to avoid high exposure," said BreezoMeter CEO Ran Korber.

BreezoMeter provides fire alerts based on information from NASA and local sources, in addition, advanced algorithms are used to factor in weather patterns and topography to determine how the smoke is traveling and its impact on air quality. From there the public receives timely information about wildfires that are near to them based on their location up to a radius of 20-60 miles. Wildfire pollution can still have an impact hundreds to thousands of miles away from the source, so users are able to log into the app to view the full reach of a fire that's active far away.

During the recent Plumas fire in California, BreezoMeter's maps were showing moderate to poor resulting air quality blanketing Nevada and parts of California. Meanwhile, traditional sources (such as governmental stations) indicated mostly good or moderate air quality in limited pockets immediately surrounding the fires. Down in Brazil, in towns a few hundred miles from the Amazon fires, people were rushed to the hospital multiple times in the same day due to asthma attacks.

BreezoMeter provides users comprehensive measurements of the factors that contribute to air pollution: ozone and particulate matter, pollen, and now wildfires. Reporting for all three is available through BreezoMeter's mobile app and as APIs for businesses and organizations to integrate. The company currently provides air pollution data for more than 92 countries and processes more than 1.8 terabytes of data per hour. Through customer partnerships, the company currently has over 50 million daily users and is being used by entities in the healthcare, smart home device industries around the world. The public can access BreezoMeter's air quality reporting solution using the BreezoMeter app or the Live Map available on the company's website.

Developer documentation for the BreezoMeter API can be found on their Fires API page

Read more: https://apps.apple.com/il/app/air-quality-index-by...

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