4/22/2015 3:05:12 PM
Mocana Atlas Platform Now Integrates with Apperian Mobile Application Management Solution
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Mocana Atlas Platform Now Integrates with Apperian Mobile Application Management Solution

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mocana has announced that it has integrated its Mocana Atlas solution with the Apperian mobile application management (MAM) platform to provide security for managed and unmanaged device on the Apperian platform.

Apperian’s MAM platform provides fine-grained security and dynamic policy controls at the individual app level, ensuring safe app deployment. The new integration with Mocana Atlas extends Apperian’s native mobile app security capabilities and now enables app owners and administrators to:

- Securely connect mobile apps to a private network: Customers can apply the Mocana-based VPN policy to an app through Apperian’s admin console with a “drop in” feature that requires no coding or SDK. Once applied, tapping an app to open it will connect it to the enterprise’s network via the Atlas appliance.

- Elevate their security posture: Customers can take advantage of many additional security benefits, including strong, two-factor, certificate-based authentication, true per-app VPN connectivity and a FIPS-certified termination point at the edge of their network.

- Gain enhanced visibility into app usage: In addition to deployment and life cycle metrics, customers now get detailed analytics into app usage and can correlate that usage data with user information, authentication method, device posture and many other contextual attributes in order to gain insight into which apps are being consumed, and under what circumstances.

- Incorporate security policy application into app life-cycle management workflow:  Customers can simplify applying policies by enabling them directly through the Apperian application life cycle workflow, which includes app onboarding directly through developer IDE tools, app inspection, assignment to groups and roles, app signing and distribution through a private enterprise app store.

- Activate the extended enterprise: Customers can securely activate their entire ecosystem of contractors, suppliers, agents, resellers and other third parties by making business-critical data and functionality available in a highly secure manner.

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