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MobileForce Named A Representative Vendor For Rapid App Development Tools By Gartner
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MobileForce Named A Representative Vendor For Rapid App Development Tools By Gartner

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Saturday, December 6, 2014

Gartner recently identified MobileForce as a representative vendor for Rapid App Development Tools. MobileForce's Rapid Mobile App Development tools deliver cost effective and faster apps with an architectural approach. This type of approach facilitates both rapid app creation and rapid modification to meet adaptability over time. MobileForce Software Inc. provides cloud-based enterprise mobile application solutions. 

Mark Bloom, Sr. Director of Marketing and Products for MobileForce sees this as a direct result of enterprise business units putting increasing pressure on IT to deliver larger numbers of mobile applications than they can realistically handle -- given time and budgetary considerations -- and application development teams are looking to leverage practices that are different than traditional app dev approaches.

The mobility trends in B2B are growing each year. Response time is critical for B2B buyers and the purchasing process has become more involved than the actual sales process. With mobility, users are more mobile than ever before as mobile devices have become key to staying productive and connected within the work environment.

Bloom also stated that MobileForce is part of a new generation of code-free mobile app configuration tools that are full stack, covering both front-end [UI] as well as back-end [integration] requirements. The company believes this Enterprise Mobility recognition highlights MobileForce Software's innovation and leadership in the market.

It has been said that B2B mobile application development has come of age. By 2018, more than half of all business-to-employee (B2E) mobile apps will be created by enterprise business analysts using code less tools, according to Gartner. 

B2B Mobile application developers are able to benefit from the trends in enterprise mobility by using the right tools. B2B mobile application development has been expanding beyond just tablets and mobile devices for consumers. Mobile application developers can now develop complex business apps within the B2B environment. 

MobileForce also created MobileForce Unification Engine, a platform for synthesizing secure, native apps which can be integrated with any enterprise system. The MobileForce Unification Engine is a unified solutions for any device. It has the ability to offer the convergence of cloud, mobility and social combined. 

Read more: http://www.mobileforcesoftware.com


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