12/4/2012 7:29:26 AM
Microsoft says app downloads and revenue is climbing
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Microsoft says app downloads and revenue is climbing

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Windows Mobile Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yesterday Microsoft announced that app downloads and revenue all together have more than doubled since the release of Windows operating system version 8 which is mobile ready and is designed to be universal across desktops and tablet style devices.

The announcement was a bit vague and we have yet to hear the chimes of any actual Windows phone developers further strengthen this statement. The obvious thing here that no one seems to be pointing out is that, of coarse app downloads would have jumped considerably due to the nature of the operating system now including a "App Store" and the residual effects from that would be developers earning more revenue. So in a fact it's not that the Windows phone platform has exploded in tremendous growth all of a sudden so much as it is that people are now getting to use it for the first time...

I think once the Windows phone platform stabilizes and they do get a nice workforce of app developers behind it, we should see some actual numbers behind statements like this. The question is will that day ever come due to the under whelming response from app developers in the industry. For me the Windows phone environment still has a big question mark over it.

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