1. Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2019
4/10/2019 10:02:06 AM
Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2019
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Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2019

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Programming Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Visual Studio 2019 is now available for download. The release includes improvements and new features that Microsoft says puts the focus back on developers.

Microsoft announced general availability for Visual Studio 2019 – offering innovative and intelligent solutions that increase developer productivity. With Visual Studio 2019, we’ve focused on what’s important to developers by adding numerous productivity improvements, enhanced collaboration, and faster tooling that bring the best experience to developers building modern cloud solutions. 

Specifically announced:

  • General Availability of Visual Studio 2019: Visual Studio 2019 is now generally available for download. Visual Studio 2019 offers an integrated, full-featured development environment providing teams and individuals the entire toolset necessary from initial design to final deployment. Its advanced features can be leveraged to build applications or games for the web, Azure, Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Visual Studio 2019 for Mac: This release focuses on improving the core of Visual Studio for Mac. With this announcement, we will also be showcasing a first preview of the new C# editor, built on top of the same core editor as Visual Studio on Windows.
  • General Availability of Live Share:  Visual Studio Live Share will be generally available for both Windows and Mac. Live Share is a tool that enables real-time collaborative development with your teammates from the comfort of your own tools. Developers are able to share their code, and collaboratively edit and debug, without needing to clone repos or set up environments. Live Share complements the many diverse ways developers work.