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10/12/2015 4:06:41 PM
Logentries Releases Docker Dashboards for DevOps and New Puppet Community Pack
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Logentries Releases Docker Dashboards for DevOps and New Puppet Community Pack


Logentries Releases Docker Dashboards for DevOps and New Puppet Community Pack

Monday, October 12, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Logentries has released a new Docker dashboard which offers new elastic logging enhancements to enable users to analyze Docker log data using dynamic time-slice views to identify rare events and outlier issues. The company has also released a new Puppet Log Analyzer which monitors Puppet configuration changes with out-of-the-box queries, dashboards and alerting tools.

Docker Dashboard for DevOps

The new set of dashboards for Docker utilizes new Logentries Query Language (LEQL) extensions to bring dynamic visualization capabilities to within a single click for containerized environments. Docker users can simply aggregate their log data and utilize dynamic time-slice views of their Docker log data to obtain critical insights into system performance. The new views enabled SysAdmins to slice their data by minutes, hours, days or other time periods to quickly identify rare events and outlier issues, thereby helping to quickly identify and resolve potential problems.
The new Docker dashboard enables users to diagnose and remediate performance issues in real time, while providing a performance and audit trail of all their environments. With a single click, customizable dashboard views provide insights into container trends and resource usage statistics including CPU, disk, network, memory etc.

Puppet Community Pack

The new Logentries Puppet Enterprise Community Pack and a Puppet Log Analyzer brings real-time log monitoring and management capabilities to Puppet Labs platform users in virtually any enterprise environment. Users have the ability to view and monitor their Puppet configuration event data and correlate it with log data from development and IT infrastructure systems.
When sending Puppet logs to Logentries, users can now leverage the new Puppet Enterprise Community Pack for out-of-the-box queries, alerts and dashboards for improved troubleshooting. It offers users automatic alerts when things go wrong and enables them to search Puppet logs in real-time to identify the root cause of any problem. The new community pack includes support for the Puppet Engine console logs, the Puppet Authorization and Authentication logs, and the Puppet MCollective, Orchestration and Live Management logs.

Read more: https://logentries.com/

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