1/30/2015 11:53:40 AM
Logentries Announces Integration with Slack Platform for Cloud Based Log Management and Analytics
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Logentries Announces Integration with Slack Platform for Cloud Based Log Management and Analytics

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Friday, January 30, 2015

Logentries, a cloud based log management and analytics service, has announced a new integration with the Slack team communication platform.

Users of both services can now receive real-time notifications, log-level details with timestamps, and event context inside of designated Slack team channels. The custom integration helps users to consolidate the number of tools they are using as the real-time alerts sent from Logentries to Slack provide information to enable users to understand what happened across their systems and applications, and take action.

The cloud-based Logentries service collects and pre-processes log events in real-time for on-demand analysis, alerting and visualization. With custom tagging and filtering, users can correlate data across their infrastructure to understand application usage and performance, security and performance issues, and user behavior. 

The Logentries and Slack integration features a custom webhook that offers Slack as an endpoint for real-time alerts and log event information generated by Logentries. Users utilize real-time alerting built on custom-defined tags, performance thresholds, security policies, as well as anomaly detection and inactivity alerting, to monitor applications in production and troubleshoot system-wide errors or changes. With the new integration, these types of alerts can be defined for individual Slack channels and update entire teams or projects when events or specified patterns occur.

Read more: https://logentries.com/