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8/11/2015 2:07:20 PM
Latest AirWatch Release Includes New Tizen and iBeacon Support
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Latest AirWatch Release Includes New Tizen and iBeacon Support


Latest AirWatch Release Includes New Tizen and iBeacon Support

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

AirWatch has released AirWatch 8.1, which offers new OS support, administrative and serviceability upgrades, and enterprise readiness features.

Including support of recent OS releases such as Windows 10 and iOS 9, AirWatch 8.1 also introduces Apple iBeacon integration to add location-based configuration. For the Apple Watch, the platform now provides the ability to enforce passcodes, disable certain features and automatically lock the watch when it is not being worn.

For Android devices, AirWatch 8.1 adds support for per-app VPN on Android through the AirWatch Tunnel and other third-party VPN such as Pulse Secure, F5 and GlobalProtect. The are new granular management capabilities for Android devices based on manufacturer. For Samsung KNOX devices, AirWatch 8.1 can now support full device containerization and biometric authentication.

AirWatch 8.1 now supports the Tizen operating system providing the ability to enroll Tizen devices, perform commands, push notifications, enable Wi-Fi profiles and detect necessary device information. For laptop and desktops, AirWatch 8.1 enables remote control for OS X devices and includes new Chromebook enhancements. The platform also now extends support for rugged device platforms including policy engine improvements and new APIs. 

AirWatch 8.1 introduces several enhancements to facilitate IT administration including new device lifecycle management processes offering enhanced flexibility and performance for compliance violations, additional notifications for enrollment workflows and optimized shared device and kiosk workflows.

To provide enhanced visibility into system processes, AirWatch 8.1 includes more details on compliance status for troubleshooting, additional logging for profiles installation errors, Smart Group assignment changes and AirWatch Tunnel usage. The updated console also provides helpful details for Apple APNs certificate management.

For the user experience, AirWatch 8.1 includes several improvements to the user interface across web app management, profile management, the end user self-service portal, telecom dashboards and administrator role management with a new tool for role comparisons. To further enable easier workflows for IT, the updated console improves bulk management actions for users and devices.

In addition to core improvements to directory services, certificate management and mobile email management, new features expand capabilities around integrations. AirWatch 8.1 improves Syslog integration to allow more control of Syslog event logging based on event category. Palo Alto Network’s Wildfire for app reputation analysis and app blacklisting are also integrated into the AirWatch compliance engine. Additionally, AirWatch 8.1 includes expanded REST APIs available for devices, users and administration.

Read more: http://www.air-watch.com/solutions/

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