1. Kwicr Helps App Publishers Increase Mobile App Performance Across Networks
4/2/2015 1:05:29 PM
Kwicr Helps App Publishers Increase Mobile App Performance Across Networks
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Kwicr Helps App Publishers Increase Mobile App Performance Across Networks

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Mobile Tech Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kwicr is helping developers overcome issues of app performance with its new Mobile Delivery Network (MDN), recently released out of beta. Delivered as a cloud-based service, Kwicr’s MDN provides mobile developers with the ability to directly impact the performance of their apps across any cellular or Wi-Fi network on iOS and Android devices.
Designed to complement existing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and cloud-based infrastructure, Kwicr’s MDN accelerates app traffic from the point where content is served, all the way to the mobile device. As a result, buffering and other performance issues are virtually eliminated. With the MDN, faster upload and download speeds, combined with more predictable throughput, result in higher quality experiences for every class of mobile app.

The solution addresses the problem where apps are frequently subjected to congestion, fluctuating bandwidth and physical impairments like signal fade and packet loss, which conspire to create problems like slow page loads and video buffering. Kwicr’s Mobile Delivery Network delivers in three critical areas via an over-the-top model that is simple for app owners to implement and applicable to any mobile network:
- Acceleration: Kwicr accelerates traffic by using a unique combination of its Dynamic Packet Recovery (DPR) and Intelligent Rate Control patent-pending technologies.  Notably, the impact of Kwicr’s acceleration on the quality of delivery increases as the performance of the mobile network degrades.
- Analytics: Kwicr gathers detailed data on all app traffic that can be easily analyzed through the company’s intuitive portal and its dashboards – enabling app owners to gain unprecedented insight into usage patterns and app performance that make it possible to increase monetization and prevent churn.
- Control: The app owner decides when and where they want to apply the Kwicr service. Kwicr is at its best when existing mobile networks are at their worst and these scenarios can be targeted by time of day, device type, network type and many other flexible business policies.

The service s offered through an SDK providing continuous monetization of network performance but only accelerates traffic when network conditions reach levels set by the app owner. The company is offering a 45 day free trial to allow publishers to test the effectiveness of the service for their apps.

Read more: http://www.kwicr.com/