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7/28/2016 4:03:17 PM
Kony MobileFabric Release Offers New Microservices and Object Services Technology
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Kony MobileFabric Release Offers New Microservices and Object Services Technology


Kony MobileFabric Release Offers New Microservices and Object Services Technology

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Kony has released the latest edition of its MobileFabric platform, the company’s mobile middleware solution designed to be used to rapidly build mobile backend applications. This release, MobileFabric 7.0, offers a new model-driven approach to mobile app development using microservices and includes object services that make it easier and cheaper to develop, maintain and upgrade mobile apps.

MobileFabric offers a set of enterprise-grade mobile infrastructure services to build apps that integrate and support all backend systems. This latest version enables developers to define or automatically generate application data models and then map them to a set of backend content sources for rapid data integration, modeling and object development.

With the update MobileFabric allows developers to create and configure data objects using metadata from backend systems offering increased agility to meet changing business needs. It provides the ability to move past low-level integration and transformational code, allowing developers to focus their efforts on improving user experience and value-adding features. 

In addition, these data objects allow automatic support for both offline data synchronization, which allows applications to run directly from a MobileFabric storage service without requiring a separate backend data source. This helps accelerate the mobile application development process.

Highlights of the new MobileFabric release include:

- Reusability: Code reusability with microservices provides improved efficiency for “app factories” when developing multiple apps that will have common components. Microservices are applications that can be separated into smaller parts that are developed individually.

- Standardized architecture: Code structure is simple to understand, adopt and modify if moved between mobile app development teams, to help minimize development and quality assurance (QA) efforts.

- Flexibility: A simplified development approach makes it easy to move between third-party vendors and internal IT, based on business requirements.

Overall platform functionality includes:

- Object Services: Use a microservices approach to maximize reuse, accelerate release cycles, and reduce cross-team dependencies.

- Backend Services: Including user identity, data optimization and transformation, orchestration, off-line sync, and user engagement.
- API Management: Consolidate APIs in a single developer portal with auto-generated documentation, API analytics and reporting, consistent policies, and robust security
Integration – out of the box connectors and business adapters to backend applications (e.g., SAP, Salesforce, etc.), enterprise service buses, databases, and cloud-based third party web services. Easily build custom adapters for any backend system or create custom business logic APIs.

- Client SDKs: MobileFabric includes SDKs for all major client development environments including iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5/Cordova/PhoneGap, and Kony Visualizer, making client application integration seamless and intuitive.

- Analytics: Customizable dashboards driven from an analytics engine with both custom and prebuilt analytics including reports on device and app usage, policy compliance, and user journey event tracking.

- Management: Full enterprise mobility management suite including mobile application, content, and device management for complete control of your mobile environment. Integrates easily with third party mobile device management solutions as well.

- Security: End-to-end enterprise security features for encryption, user access control including integration with enterprise identity for operational consoles, auditing, and automated DevOps lifecycle features. 

Read more: http://www.kony.com/products/mobilefabric

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