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Javascript programming model for apps announced by Salesforce
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Javascript programming model for apps announced by Salesforce

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Low Code No Code Friday, December 14, 2018

Javascript programmers can now use something new from Salesforce named Lightning Web Components to build an application on their platform.

Salesforce has announced Lightning Web Components, a programming model that makes it easy for JavaScript developers to code on the Lightning Platform. This standards-based programming model gives developers the freedom to use the tools they love to build components - reusable building blocks for creating Lightning apps and experiences. 

Lightning Web Components hopes to allow any JavaScript developer to build on the Lightning Platform with skills they have and in languages, they are familiar with and includes a standards-based component authoring format, compiler, and rendering engine. 
The Lightning Platform already includes a host of other developer services that quickly implement enterprise app capabilities including: Lightning Data Service, which gives developers access to their Salesforce data and metadata in JavaScript; Lightning Locker, which provides enterprise-class security around JavaScript code; and the Base Lightning Components, a library of more than 70 building blocks that accelerate app development.

In addition, by combining Lightning Web Components with the broader Lightning Platform capabilities -  including pro-code tools like Salesforce DX; low-code solutions like Lightning App Builder and Lightning Flow; and enterprise services like Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce IoT - companies can build large-scale customer experiences, extend the functionality of CRM, create apps for specific departments ranging from HR to finance, and more.

Lightning Web Components from Salesforce are:

  • Standardized for enhanced productivity - Lightning Web Components uses the modern language of the web, and with support for ES6+, developers can use the most modern JavaScript features like classes, modules, and imports.
  • Engineered for performance - With Lightning Web Components, more of the code is executed natively by the browser instead of JavaScript abstractions, leading to faster component performance and a better overall end-user experience.
  • Compatible and easy to use - Lightning Web Components can run side-by-side with Aura Components (Aura is the existing programming model, built by Salesforce in 2015) and, once created, can be similarly leveraged by admins and business users to create and customize apps with clicks, not code.

Mike Rosenbaum, EVP of Product, Salesforce says “With Lightning Web Components, we are giving developers a standards-driven JavaScript model for building enterprise apps on Lightning." 

Lightning Web Components will be generally available in February 2019. To create a Lightning Web Component, customers will need an Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance or Developer Edition.



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