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Introducing Appoxee V2
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Introducing Appoxee V2

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Monday, March 18, 2013

Since 2010, Tel Aviv based Appoxee has been providing thousands of app developers and publishers with the tools they need to reach out to their users in an automated and personalized way. 

Appoxee’s products are all about simplifying and optimizing the engagement process. The automation features and ROI-oriented communication tools enable App Publishers to achieve the ultimate engagement: longer app lifecycles, increased user lifetime value, and a boosted bottom-line.

What's new in the Appoxee Next Generation Platform:

The new platform (launching Beta in Mid, March 2013) will focus on automating marketing efforts, targeting large publishers, brands and digital ad agencies.

Campaign Level Management - As opposed to just message management, app publishers are now able to actually create and run a campaign with a strategic flow and funnel.

For example: Publishers can create a campaign to cross promote a new app and create several messages under one campaign to reach this goal.

Set goals - In the future this feature will allow publishers to understand if they meet their goals or not.

Schedule messages ahead and per a specific time zone - Publishers can schedule a message to be sent at 8:00 pm and users all over the world will receive this message at 8:00 pm local time.  

Target – Target users based on any parameter including behavioral data, device attribute or any other parameter users would like to define. In the future this will allow publishers to target users based on profiles and engagement scores such as: Loyal users, attentive users, active users, big spenders, etc.

Preview simulator on all devices - Preview rich messages on different devices and set them to adjust automatically to all devices and operating systems.

Test Segment - Publishers can define an internal test group where they can confirm each message internally within the organization prior to broadcasting it to production.

Analytics - Analyze and optimize message campaigns from the overall performance and a dropdown per a specific message.

Interesting facts about Appoxee

1.     Doubling KPI’s every quarter
2.     Thousands of app publishers downloaded our SDK
3.     Billions of push notifications sent
4.     Hundreds of millions of app installations

Some of their Clients are: Headup Games, App Minis, Ximad, Televisa,  Multi Canal, Pango, Dropico Media, Baby First TV and many more.

Read more: http://beta.appoxee.com