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Intel Open Sources OpenMP Runtime as an LLVM Project
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Intel Open Sources OpenMP Runtime as an LLVM Project

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Intel has decided to provide a copy of Intel® open-source OpenMP* runtime as an LLVM sub-project (and the LLVM project has been kind enough to accept the contribution!). This gives the community a fully LLVM license compatible version of the OpenMP runtime for use in OpenMP development projects. The complete source code is now available at openmp.llvm.org.

They open-sourced the Intel OpenMP runtime code to support the development of a full LLVM-based implementation of the OpenMP specification. Intel’s compiler team in Moscow has made outstanding progress in implementing the Clang changes to support the OpenMP language extensions (you can see their work at http://clang-omp.github.io, and now they reached a milestone where they can create an LLVM sub-project for some of the other components that are needed to build a complete OpenMP system.

Read more: http://openmp.llvm.org


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