7/7/2016 3:02:20 PM
IBM and Cisco Are Teaming Together to Create New Cloud Collaboration Solutions
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IBM and Cisco Are Teaming Together to Create New Cloud Collaboration Solutions

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Cloud Services Thursday, July 7, 2016

IBM and Cisco are partnering to create a new suite of cloud-based, cognitive-infused workplace tools and applications including the integration of Cisco Spark and WebEx collaborative workspace platforms with IBM’s cloud collaboration solutions, such as Verse and Connections, and supported by IBM’s Watson cognitive computing capabilities.

The two companies will create new business collaboration tools through the integration of their respective offerings in audio, video, team collaboration, enterprise social networks, and business email. IBM and Cisco will also be jointly developing new capabilities that leverage the cognitive intelligence of IBM Watson.

The joint solutions will utilize IBM Watson and Connections APIs as well as Cisco Spark and WebEx APIs. This allows solutions to take action on routine tasks like prioritizing complex collaboration and communication environments and connecting users to cognitive sources of expertise.

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