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12/4/2012 10:36:01 AM
How to pre launch your app
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How to pre launch your app


How to pre launch your app

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Richard Harris Richard Harris

They say expectation is everything, and that is ringing true with regards to marketing your app before your app is actually available. Creating a pre-launch buzz is a unique way to get a crowd rumbling about your apps release that can echo throughout the Internet and begin building the anticipation needed for a successful launch.

So where do you do this, what does a pre-launch buzz look like?

First of all, it's a really good idea to have your app website in place before you make any sort of announcement, that way you can send people directly to those pages where some prelaunch screenshots are available and other information about your app can be gathered.

Then you can start 'buzzing' in your own backyard. Using your own social outlets by posting an announcement of what's coming. Go ahead and tell people what your app is going to do but don't give away everything just yet keep them curious. Be sure and also tell everyone when to expect your app in the market, and keep reiterating that through your announcements to build that excitement.

If you are cross promoting and using services such as LunarAds (http://lunarads.com) you can also put little announcements inside your other apps saying what's coming and perhaps send your users to a mobile friendly landing page letting them know when it's going to be available.

My suggestion is to use at least five solid outlets to create that pre-launch buzz. The obvious are Facebook, and Twitter, but you can also use email, blogging, and other app review type websites to put the word out.

Again make sure that you have a really good website available with some screenshots, information about your app, and it's a good idea to let people subscribe to a newsletter if you have one so they can be alerted on the day of launch that really gets energy flowing.

Failure to do any sort of pre-launch announcement can sometimes result in a "failure to launch" – no matter how great the app. I also think it's important to do prelaunch announcements because it puts you in-tune 'early on' with marketing your app, and you can use that later.

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