1. Hightail File Sharing Now On Samsung Solution Exchange
3/15/2014 9:35:39 AM
Hightail File Sharing Now On Samsung Solution Exchange
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Hightail File Sharing Now On Samsung Solution Exchange

Hightail File Sharing Now On Samsung Solution Exchange

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Saturday, March 15, 2014

Business File Sharing Gets Better With Hightail's S Pen Integration and Enterprise-Grade Security on Samsung Mobile Devices

Hightail has announced availability on the Samsung Solutions Exchange™ and soon on the Samsung KNOX ™ marketplace, helping business users bolster security and increase productivity when working on Samsung Mobile devices. The Samsung Solutions Exchange and the KNOX marketplace address the needs of business owners by creating holistic mobile solutions on a robust portfolio of enterprise-grade Samsung Mobile devices.·

Hightail is KNOX certified and available in the Samsung Solutions Exchange meaning the file sharing service adheres to stringent enterprise IT standards· Hightail users can utilize the Samsung S Pen™ to easily add notes to files and sign documents while on the go

· Hightail is part of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program, extending its commitment to professional customers

Secure enterprise mobility

"We are excited that Hightail has developed a differentiated solution for the Samsung Solutions Exchange that allows mobile professionals to work securely and productively in the cloud," said Nick Rea, VP, Business Innovations Group at Samsung Mobile.Security remains a top priority for enterprise customers and professional users. Now it is possible to combine a secure service featuring built-in tracking and control capabilities with the kind of intuitive experience demanded by users.

Hightail's file sharing service complies with stringent enterprise IT standards. The solution is Samsung KNOX certified, which addresses security from the hardware layer through the software layer and assures customers that Hightail meets a high standard of data security without compromising privacy.

Hightail's file sharing services also provide a unique suite of tracking and control features that give users the option to easily add extra protections when sharing a file/folder. These options include passwords, expiration dates and identity confirmation."Security concerns are the most prominent reason for the lack of cloud adoption in the enterprise world," said Hightail Senior Vice President, Business Development, Eric van Miltenburg. "Our membership in the Samsung Solutions Exchange and shortly in the KNOX Marketplace allows us to respond to the demand for secure mobile solutions through our combined capabilities."

Working wherever you work

By 2016 almost one-third of all tablets will be sold directly to businesses, according to Forrester. Work is increasingly carried out on the go and a tool like Samsung's S Pen that dramatically enhances the potential of touchscreen devices becomes ever more valuable.

Hightail integrates with the Samsung S Pen, allowing users to elegantly sign documents, add notes and sketches to documents and even insert comments directly on graphics and illustrations. This unique combination of physical tool and digital service offers creative professionals and business users a sophisticated new way of providing feedback and working more effectively by the ability to annotate.

Membership in the Samsung Solutions Exchange extends Hightail's commitment to providing customers with secure, controlled sharing that's also simple and accessible. For more information on Hightail in the Samsung Solutions Exchange, please visit: http://www.samsung.com/us/business/samsung-for-enterprise/safe-solutions-exchange/assets/downloads/Hightail.pdf.

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