3/22/2013 6:52:42 PM
HeyZap announces ads
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HeyZap announces ads

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Friday, March 22, 2013

HeyZap is an SDK for developers to use to enable social sharing (scores, communication, etc) through their apps, but now you can also enable ads to earn revenue from that social engagement.

"Breathtaking design, paired with Heyzap's unique, intelligent targeting make Heyzap Ads an outstanding game monetization platform. Leveraging the power of our unmatched social-preference engine helps you deliver the highest value impressions in the most elegant channel available."- HeyZap

The new add offering is for both iOS and Android, and the implementation looks to be pretty straightforward.

"Make a call to HeyzapLib.enableAds(this) as early in your game’s initialization code as you can, preferably directly after your call to HeyzapLib.load(). That will give our SDK time to prefetch the ads, and ensure your users never see a loading spinner."

Read more: http://developers.heyzap.com/sdk/ads


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