1. Heroku DX Offers New Cloud App Development Services
9/23/2014 10:21:56 AM
Heroku DX Offers New Cloud App Development Services
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Heroku DX Offers New Cloud App Development Services

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Enterprise Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Heroku is offering a new set of services that offer an new developer experience on the platform. It has introduced Heroku DX, which combines a new dashboard + metrics, database analytics and deployment features to the Heroku platform. Heroku is a salesforce.com company providing cloud app development services.

Heroku DX includes:

Heroku Dashboard + Metrics: Heroku Dashboard + Metrics delivers analytics and management systems designed with the developer in mind to improve productivity and overall experience. The new design and metrics give developers additional ways to view performance and tune their apps by managing applications, organizations and accounts on one dashboard.

Heroku Postgres DbX: Heroku Postgres DbX offers a set of services that run on top of the Heroku Postgres database, making it easier to understand and operate databases at scale. Heroku Postgres DbX includes new analytics and visualization tools that allow developers to optimize their database's performance while providing continuous protection to keep data secure.

Heroku Button: The Heroku Button is a tool for deploying code from Heroku. The Heroku Button makes the experience of cloning code and deploying an app as easy as a single click. There are already hundreds of Heroku Buttons created, click any one of them and the source code will get cloned into a developer’s Heroku account, then the app will be provisioned, configured, and deployed automatically. Within a few seconds, developers can have a fully-configured app in the Heroku Dashboard, complete with database and add-ons. Developers who have an app or a project they’d  like a Heroku Button for can create one by building an apps.json manifest for the app and all its dependencies, then follow a few additional steps to make it live.

Journey Builder for Apps: Gives companies the ability to deliver personalized customer journeys directly from mobile apps. Utilizing the combination of Heroku DX and Journey Builder for Apps, developers now have a single end-to-end platform to mobile apps with integrated customer journeys.

Read more: https://www.heroku.com/dx