7/18/2014 10:08:49 PM
Gupta Releases New Version of Its HTML5 Web Application Development Platform
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Gupta Releases New Version of Its HTML5 Web Application Development Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in HTML5 Friday, July 18, 2014

Gupta Technologies has released the latest version of its mobile enterprise development tool, TD Mobile version 1.1. This new version enhances capabilities for data connectivity without requiring developers to write any code, as well as support for NoSQL databases.

TD Mobile is a development solution for building HTML5 web applications for a cross-platform experience (mobile, tablet, desktop) using a single source code This latest release of TD Mobile removes the requirement for developers to write code and learn the query syntax of the databases. Instead, TD Mobile now enables the use of visual page designs and outlines to drag-and-drop objects and defines data connections graphically.

The new release of TD Mobile also features NoSQL database connectivity. This feature enables portability for mobile application NoSQL databases, which are designed to handle the needs of mobile applications. Developers can switch databases without having to change the application code. Additionally, the platform provides developers with the ability to code HTML5 and JavaScript for customizations that are accessible through the TD Mobile development system.

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