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5/17/2017 10:02:21 AM
Google releases new Cloud IoT Core service
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Google releases new Cloud IoT Core service

Cloud Services

Google releases new Cloud IoT Core service

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Cloud IoT Core service by Google Cloud Platform released for their platform.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has released their new service called Google Cloud IoT Core. Cloud IoT Core makes it easy for you to securely connect your globally distributed devices to GCP, centrally manage them, and build rich applications by integrating with our data analytics services.

When used as part of a broader Cloud IoT solution, Cloud IoT Core gives you access to new operational insights that can help your business react to, and optimize for, change in real time. This advantage has value across multiple industries; for example:

- Utilities can monitor, analyze, and predict consumer energy usage in real time

- Transportation and logistics firms can proactively stage the right vehicles/vessels/aircraft in the right places at the right times

- Oil & gas and manufacturing companies can enable intelligent scheduling of equipment maintenance to maximize production/minimize downtime

Key features:

- Fast and easy setup and management: Cloud IoT Core lets you connect up to millions of globally dispersed devices into a single system with smooth and even data ingestion ensured under any condition. Devices are registered to your service quickly and easily via the industry-standard MQTT protocol. For Android Things-based devices, firmware updates can be automatic.

- Security out-of-the-box: Secure all device data via industry-standard security protocols.

- Native integration with analytic services: Ingest all your IoT data so you can manage it as a single system and then easily connect it to our native analytic services and partner BI solutions (such as Looker, Qlik, Tableau, and Zoomdata). Pinpoint potential problems and uncover solutions using interactive data visualizations, or build rich machine-learning models that reflect how your business works.

- Auto-managed infrastructure: All this in the form of a fully-managed, pay-as-you-go GCP service, with no infrastructure for you to deploy, scale, or manage.

"With Google Cloud IoT Core, we have been able to connect large fleets of bicycles to the cloud and quickly build a smart transportation fleet management tool that provides operators with a real time view of bicycle utilization, distribution and performance metrics, and forecasts demand for our customers."  Jose L. Ugia, VP Engineering, Noa Technologies

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