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Google Maps Releases New SDK v1.4 for iOS
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Google Maps Releases New SDK v1.4 for iOS

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in iOS Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The latest version of the Google Maps SDK for iOS lets developers add an enhanced mapping experience to thier apps with updated Street View imagery, indoor maps, 3D buildings, and more. Version 1.4.0 introduces changes to accessibility and ground overlays. If you make use of either of these in your app, you will have to modify any existing code.

New features include:
  • Support for Google Street View imagery, with coverage in 50+ countries.
  • Added GMSPanoramaView, a viewer for Street View imagery, that enables both programmatic and user control.
  • GMSMarkers can be shared between GMSMapView and GMSPanoramaView. 
  • GMSPanoramaService may be used to load panorama data ahead of display.
  • Indoor floor plans and a floor selector control will now be displayed when available.
  • Updated map design inspired by the new Google Maps.
  •  Info windows now show at 1:1 resolution on the screen regardless of tilt.
  • Additional delegate methods on GMSMapView - mapView:willMove: and mapView:idleAtCameraPosition: - allow you to detect the start and end of camera movement, respectively.
  • An improved look and feel for polylines and polygon stroke.
  • Added a zIndex property on all overlays. Z-Indexes are calculated in two groups: GMSMarkers and all other overlays.
  • Added GMSGeometryUtils methods for heading, distance, offset etc. with respect to points on the Earth.
  • To align with other Google Maps APIs, GMSGroundOverlay no longer supports the zoomLevel property. You can use the helper method groundOverlayWithPosition:icon:zoomLevel: to migrate existing code.

Resolved issues include: 
  • Improved the tappability of GMSPolygon.
  • The compass now disappears when the map returns to zero bearing for any reason, including animation.
  • Resolved crash issue when creating a zero-sized GMSPolygon. 
  • Resolved an issue where active gestures could cause a GMSMapView to not be released until deceleration completed.
  • Info windows no longer allow taps to pass through them.
  • Accessibility elements on GMSMapView are now hidden by default.

Read more: http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.com/

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