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3/31/2014 4:15:24 PM
Google Imposes New Restrictions On App Ad Networks And Anything Else Sneaky
Google Play Store Rules, Ads in Google, Push Alerts, Android Search
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Google Imposes New Restrictions On App Ad Networks And Anything Else Sneaky


Google Imposes New Restrictions On App Ad Networks And Anything Else Sneaky

Monday, March 31, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

As ad networks go interstitial's and banners have always been the staple for displaying creative content. Then about two years ago other methods started to surface such as push alerts, dialogue alerts, floating ads, and other such methods which all strive to catch the consumers attention and hopefully end in an engagement. 

Last year push alerts were completely eradicated inside the Google Play store and could no longer be used,  though some found their way around that policy, overall if you were caught using them more than likely your app or developer account would be deleted.

In another round of "don't do this" rules from Google they have now put a ban on a few other types of advertising that are growing in popularity. Ads like a dialogue box looks like a system alert, apps that track user’s location without its consent, modification in user’s device due to app, inserting code to change the (search) feature of an app and more are all under the new banned.

Android app developers are also banned from using SMS services for direct communication with users without getting explicit permission from them.

App developers have total 15 days to act in accordance with Google’s play policy; otherwise Google will send a clear warning to the developers or remove insubordinate apps from Google play store.

Here is the summary of updates made by Google in Google play policy:
  • Restriction on inappropriate content material and deliver a great user experience including adults as well as minors.
  • A guide will be provided by Google that teach about types of app which are completely disallowed for app promotion.
  • A clear disclosure will be required when users redirected to in-app payment page or a page with app description. You must let the users know about which page you will show them when they click on your ad.
  • According to changes made in System interference policy, you are not allowed to make any changes in any browser on behalf of advertisements or third-parties.
  • App behavior must be clearly understood by users and in accord with their interest.

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