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Game Insight Offers Advice on Mobile Monetization
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Game Insight Offers Advice on Mobile Monetization

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Looking for tips on how top game developers are killing it with revenue in the mobile market? Darya Trushkina is the business development vice president at Game Insight and wants to let you in on a few secrets.

Invest In Windows 8
He says even though Windows is a pretty small market, at some point the tide is going to turn and now it the time to put yuor footprint in the emerging market.

Think global but know your markets
An interesting point he makes here is that "what works in the US doesn't always work everyone else" and that couldn't be more true in mobile. 

Keep users interested with new content
This ties into creating "lifetime value" of an app by using push notifications to alert users of new features and building in scalable updates into your app's lifespan. Many developers exhaust themselves creating version 1.0 of an ann (both mentally and physically) and forget there is still a lot of ground to cover.

Free-to-play works, but do it right
Don't think you can make a lot of money on mobile ads with a free app, there is a much better way of doing it using in-app purchases. There is more work involved during development but the payoff is much better.

Know your platform
Developing an app for every platform you can think of could be a waste of your time. iOS and Android have two totally different audiences and devices, so spend some time doing research before you decide to develop cross-platform.

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