11/24/2016 8:15:06 AM
Foxit WebPDF 2.0 launches with REST API and Docker support
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Foxit WebPDF 2.0 launches with REST API and Docker support

Richard Harris Richard Harris in SDK Thursday, November 24, 2016

Foxit Software has announced the release of Foxit WebPDF Viewer 2.0. The new release includes enhanced rendering, performance and security features, equipping web developers for better customization, integration and document control.

There are several performance enhancements in WebPDF 2.0, including faster parsing and rendering of local PDFs, lower levels of server strain due to reduced minimum requirements and real time image scaling to ensure appropriate resolution. The new release also expands deployment options, adding support for distributed deployment and docker mode deployment.
Key new and improved features in WebPDF Viewer 2.0:

- New JavaScript engine for client-side rendering
- Switch between Server-side and Client-side rendering engine at will
- Faster parsing and rendering for PDFs stored client-side
- New REST API support
- Real time image scaling
- Document distribution control for added security
- Enhanced annotation support (typewriter, pencil, note, highlight, underline, shapes, replying to annotations)
- Docker Image deployment support
- Distributed deployment support
- Windows and Linux Servers supported