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Fortumo Surpasses 80 Countries with its Mobile Operator Billing Platform: Carrier Billing Payments Exploding
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Fortumo Surpasses 80 Countries with its Mobile Operator Billing Platform: Carrier Billing Payments Exploding

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Monday, May 12, 2014

Operating billing is rapidly becoming one of the top choices for mobile app developers to monetize their apps across the globe and Fortumo is in the forefront, now offering its mobile operator billing platform in over 80 countries. And developers using Fortumo’s operator billing options are seeing growth of six times payment volumes for Windows Phone & Windows 8 apps alone.

If you are not including operating billing in your payment offerings, you’re missing a huge opportunity to generate revenues. Want an example? In India, only 1.5% of its people have credit cards. There are 1.2 billion people in India, do the math: operating billing provides access to 1.182 billion people in India who can’t access traditional app stores. 

For a full list of countries the Fortumo platform service click here.

In a recent blog post, Mattias Liivak of Fortumo points out that during 2013, Windows Phone overtook iPhone in 24 countries across the world. Almost all of these countries are located in Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia. Windows Phone apps are now available to more users than iOS apps in countries like India and Nigeria where a huge number of people are purchasing smartphones for the first time.

Developers using mobile operator billing with Fortumo can take advantage of a platform designed to complement Microsoft’s own payment solution. For Windows Store, Fortumo provides mobile payments in 81 countries and over 300 mobile networks. For Windows Phone Store, Fortumo extends Microsoft’s existing mobile operator billing reach by adding a number of emerging markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Africa with low credit card penetration.

Fortumo offers native-looking in-app purchasing for Windows and Windows Phone apps that only requires the user to have a mobile phone – no additional registration or credit card is required. It supports over 40 currencies and is localized into 32 languages.

Fortumo offers cross-platform mobile payments across all desktop and mobile devices. There are no minimum volume commitments. Just a simple percentage per each transaction.

To get started, create a Fortumo account, onfigure your service, copy-and-paste payment code to your page and go live. Fortumo also will set the process up for you if you have any questions or need help.

Read more: http://blog.fortumo.com/


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