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Find Out How Your App Ranks With SimilarWeb's New Analytics Platform
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Find Out How Your App Ranks With SimilarWeb's New Analytics Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SimilarWeb has launched a new app analysis and mobile website data platform, providing the ability to analyze global desktop and mobile data for any website, mobile website, and app.

The new platform builds on the company’s website analysis platform which provides traffic and engagement information for any website. The new mobile app analysis product is based on the same concept, but instead of searching for a domain, users run a search on a mobile app. The company provides data for apps on both the App Store and Google Play.

The standard version of the mobile app analysis platform includes the following information:

- Rank and rating information for top 5 countries going back 1 month
- Traffic distribution from in-store and external sources
- Top 5 in-store referring keywords
- Top 5 search engine referring keywords
- Similar apps and developers’ websites
The Pro version offers the following insights:

- Rank and rating for 53 countries going back 3 months
- All traffic sources in details, including which apps or websites referred traffic to an app.
- All referring keywords from both store search and search-engines
- Advanced comparison feature that allows you to run an analysis on multiple apps
- Export option for each data table to an easily managed Excel sheet

With the keyword analysis users can see which mobile apps are getting traffic from a specific keyword globally or for a specific country and category as well as learn which keywords are the ones referring the most traffic under specific categories and countries.

A new web mobile analysis feature is available under SimilarWeb’s existing website analysis Pro tool. The tool provides the traffic distribution to any website by device. Developers can see exactly how much traffic is reached for any site and what the engagement metrics where for mobile traffic, web traffic and combined.

The new top apps offering (also known as mobile app ranking) on SimilarWeb shows the current rank of any app on Google Play and Apple Store, including the change in rank compared to the previous day. With top apps on SimilarWeb users can filter ranking results by chart, country, category and device (iPhone and iPad), including cross filtering options. This data is updated daily and can provide a clear picture of competitors. Top apps is available on the standard offering with the top 50 results, and the top 100 results with the Pro version.

Read more: http://www.similarweb.com/pro

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