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11/3/2014 7:45:44 AM
Feedzai Launches Portal to Allow App Developers to Integrate Fraud API
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Feedzai Launches Portal to Allow App Developers to Integrate Fraud API


Feedzai Launches Portal to Allow App Developers to Integrate Fraud API

Monday, November 3, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Feedzai has created a new developer portal providing access to its Feedzai Fraud API which allows developers to detect fraud in real-time for retail transactions. Feedzai is a data science company that uses real-time, machine-based learning to analyze big data to make commerce safe.

The new Feedzai Fraud API utilizes the company’s “Fraud Prevention That Learns” software which processes big data, including mobile and social data streams, in real-time to create deep learning profiles for each customer, retailer, location or POS device, with up to a three-year history of data behind it. 

This data helps retailers, banks and others mitigate risk, guard every transaction and preserve the customer buying experience. The API will allow developers to send payment data and receive a fraud score with easy-to-understand explanations, allowing fraud detection by leveraging Feedzai’s omnichannel models residing on its artificial intelligence platform.

The company’s new portal facilitates the process of connecting to Feedzai’s machine learning engine. Developers can access the Fraud API through the Developer Center which provides the ability for fraud detection in real-time with human-readable explanations (i.e. whitebox scoring), telling companies why they should worry/not worry about a specific transaction. Example plug-ins developers can create with the API include integrations within payment gateways, crowdsourcing systems for transacting reviews and automatic two-factor authentication of customers through SMS or mobile phones.

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