5/13/2014 7:27:44 AM
Faster Release Cycles + Burgeoning Operating Systems = Mobile User Satisfaction Crisis
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Faster Release Cycles + Burgeoning Operating Systems = Mobile User Satisfaction Crisis

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Events Tuesday, May 13, 2014

App quality might mean different things to different people, but in the end, the only people that really matter are the end users. It’s the same for enterprises and indie app developers alike, if your mobile offerings are not meeting the user’s expectations, bad things will happen.

And the best code in the world can be bogged down by operating systems, devices/firmware, networks and so on. This predicament is compounded due to the fact that the urgency of the current mobile app development climate is driving organizations to adopt agile practices to accommodate faster release cycles. And faster is not always better, if quality can’t keep up.

It’s a common problem and the good news is, smart people have figured out how to mitigate that problem. And it’s an important enough subject for you to take a few minutes and attend an upcoming webinar hosted by Perfecto Mobile. The event will provide an overview of how you can deliver better apps, in a faster time frame, with the quality that will provide a successful user experience.

The webinar is hosted by Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile, who will discuss three ways to establish a sustainable mobile app quality strategy. The event is designed to be fast paced and to the point, your time is valuable and it won’t be wasted with filler, just real world solutions to very real world problems.

The webinar is May 14 at 11am ET and it’s free to attend. You can sign up here.

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