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Eseye Connects Busy Households Christmas Deliveries With The Pelipod
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Eseye Connects Busy Households Christmas Deliveries With The Pelipod

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Mobile Tech Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eseye is connecting its AnyNet SIM with the world’s first smart home delivery box called the Pelipod. The company made the announcement today as the Pelipod is the ideal solution for busy households throughout this holiday season to access deliveries using the smart home delivery box.
The Pelipod is a pod which is located outside of a household. This location is for the couriers and postal staff whom can drop their parcels into the pod when a customer is not present. One of the main features of the Pelipod is its security and connectivity. Security is met for each individual deliver in which the customer can access the delivery through using a pin code. The pin code allows for one time access.

Communication measures are also met using a two-way messaging system  which ensures the security of the codes to the Pelipod. The consumer can generate a code via the  mobile App and even at their desktops. The user can then input their delivery address on the parcel. Security codes are also compatible with any parcels which need to be returned. Once a parcel is delivered, the consumer will receive an email notification. To ensure even further security, the Pelipod takes pictures which provide proof of delivery.

Connecting with the Pelipod does not require Wi-Fi access from the customer. It does not even require the main electricity or landline. The solution connects through cellular networks in which the pod serves as a battery and changes only once a year.

An AnyNet SIM is also integrated within the Pelipod which allows access to the highest in-country network to meet the demand for continuous supply of connectivity. It is an important feature to the solution sending and receiving the codes.

In the UK alone, online sales are expected to reach nearly 930 million parcels over the 2014 Christmas period. There are currently 10% of parcels which never are delivered to households at the first attempt. With this challenge, the Pelipod can take care of the burdens by ensuring the logistics are met for both the consumer and the courier. Both couriers and people are challenged with received first attempt deliveries.

Read more: http://www.eseye.com


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