1. Enterprise App Developers Questions and Answers
12/31/2012 8:49:13 PM
Enterprise App Developers Questions and Answers
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Enterprise App Developers Questions and Answers

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Monday, December 31, 2012

Applications have been written for ages, it wasn't until recently - and the dawn of the mobile age that applications morphed into "apps".  We went from writing giant software packages with installers to compiling lightweight little packages called apps that can be distributed over the airwaves.

Enterprise class developers were lost in the sudden movement everything took towards mobile, but now that it's becoming more demanding on app developers to put out better apps, the Enterprise class dev is finally making an entrance into the mobile world. But there are some harsh differences in mobile game and entertainment development and development that demands the worth of someone who has programmed client / server applications for years. 

If you are entering into the mobile world as an Enterprise level developer you will want to read this, it's a list of some basic Q & A I'm sure you have already asked yourself..

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