1. DreamFactory REST API Platform Now Available on Verizon Cloud
8/19/2015 8:09:50 AM
DreamFactory REST API Platform Now Available on Verizon Cloud
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DreamFactory REST API Platform Now Available on Verizon Cloud

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DreamFactory’s REST API platform is being combined with Verizon’s cloud services to deliver a cloud-first development environment to help developer's prototype, deploy and scale applications for mobile, web, and IoT. 

The new DreamFactory-Verizon Partner Solutions portal provides a way for developers to access RESTful API services hosted on IaaS, plus the portal facilitates a progression of new dev/test workloads to production in a secure, scalable, cloud-hosted environment.

These free sandboxes provide everything that developers & dev/ops teams need to build and test modern web, mobile and IoT apps including:

- A fully configured REST API services platform hosted on the Verizon Cloud.
Instant access to REST APIs and live API documentation for connecting to multiple data sources, including SQL, NoSQL, file storage, and external web services.

- An automated way to turn existing databases into REST endpoints for developers to use in the sandbox and build new integrated workloads.

- Multi-level security for providing secure access to data sources during dev, test, and ultimately production.

- An easy progression of workloads into secure, scalable production environments on the Verizon Cloud.

Through the DreamFactory’s REST API platform developers can:

- Connect to any backend data source: SQL, NoSQL, or Files
- Instantly get a full palette of REST APIs with live documentation
- Set up users and role-based access controls for data security
- Client SDKs for Android, iOS, HTML5, AngularJS, jQuery, and more
- There are no time or transaction limits on a developer account
- Free support for first 30 days (extended support plans available)

Read more: http://verizon.dreamfactory.com/