1. DreamFactory Announces Support for MongoDB to Facilitate Enterprise Mobility
10/23/2013 8:15:17 AM
DreamFactory Announces Support for MongoDB to Facilitate Enterprise Mobility
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DreamFactory Announces Support for MongoDB to Facilitate Enterprise Mobility

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Big data and small devices? It’s a problem that IT managers continue to struggle with. Many companies are offering services to combat big data challenges and DreamFactory Software has upgraded its services to include comprehensive support for the industry's most popular NoSQL database, MongoDB which can now be accessed from the open-source DreamFactory Services Platform via a REST API, making it easy to bring big data functionality to the fingertips of mobile users.

DreamFactory's big data integration is a great solution when mobile developers need: a fast, document-oriented database; support for millions of records; or access to existing MongoDB repositories. It’s a solution for mobile developers who want back-end integration with large datasets but need more than a classic SQL database. With DreamFactory’s support of MongoDB, developers can easily connect their apps to fast, big and/or semi-structured NoSQL enterprise databases.

DreamFactory’s approach hides the master credentials and provides secure user access to big data through a single sign-on. User roles provide granular access to individual MongoDB collections. The service also supports the optional use of standard SQL filter strings for database queries.

DreamFactory is also teaming with MongoHQ to offer developers a $50 credit when they sign up for MongoDB as a hosted service. This provides developers with the flexibility of a hosted account and an easy way to get started with MongoDB.

The DreamFactory Services Platform provides access to back-end resources through a REST interface that supports both JSON and XML documents. This standards-based, open-source mobile architecture enables developers to connect HTML5 and native applications to a wide array of web services including SQL Data, BLOB Storage, User Management, App Hosting, and External Integration.

Each DreamFactory Service Platform (DSP) comes with a built-in Admin Console written in HTML5 that helps system administrators build applications for end users, manage users and roles, create SQL schema, and connect to external services. A DSP can host any number of applications that share access to the service architecture and various data objects. Each application is a mini website from which developers can quickly upload and manage various files and folders.

The DSP takes care of user management, single sign-on, password hashing, and user roles. Developers can control which users get which applications, and which applications have access to various data objects and services. The DSP includes a comprehensive and secure connection to a dedicated SQL database. It offers services for Create, Read, Update and Delete, as well as complex filtering and a complete suite of metadata services.

The DSP also provides interfaces to all of the major BLOB storage systems including S3 and Azure BLOB. The master credentials to each service are hidden by the platform and users are granted access through single sign-on. The DSP can provision any number of integration points for external services such as email, NoSQL data, and BLOB storage. These services hide master credentials on the platform and can be administered by user role.

Read more: http://blog.dreamfactory.com/blog/bid/340254/Dream...

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