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10/23/2018 10:02:31 AM
DNA powered apps get new developer tools from Helix
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DNA powered apps get new developer tools from Helix


DNA powered apps get new developer tools from Helix

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Richard Harris Richard Harris

DNA Product Studio enables partners to develop new consumer genetic tests more quickly. The tools include APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for ancestry, health and genetic traits as well as embedded apps so that developers can launch products on Helix without doing any coding.

Helix, the company which owns and operates one of the world’s largest genome / exome sequencing labs in the world, announced a new DNA Product Studio. It's a set of tools to make it easier for partners like Mayo Clinic, National Geographic and InsideTracker to name a few, to develop new consumer genetic tests. 

They hope Helix’s DNA Product Studio will allow partners to bring innovative new products to the Helix marketplace in a matter of weeks, from concept to launch. The new platform builds on Helix's growing library of hundreds of genomic insights, traits and conditions, allowing partners to create compelling experiences for individuals. The partner platform tools will help Helix’s partners leverage the power of DNA to personalize their existing products, build new ones, and pioneer new avenues for preventive health, all of which will benefit millions of people who are interested in learning about how DNA plays a role in health, wellness and beyond.
Helix is a partner-centric platform, and as such, aims to help partners use DNA insights to drive more customer engagement, create new products and revenue opportunities, and build new funnels into existing products. Helix owns and operates one of the world’s largest exome sequencing labs. The services offered by Helix include a scientific evidence evaluation, policy review, security review, sample collection, secure data storage, and flexible pay-as-you-go data access. The company’s aim is to remove all of the operational barriers to innovation so that partners can focus on what they do best in their respective fields. More organizations across both consumer and clinical industries will now be able to reach new audiences by tapping into the exploding market of millions of consumers exploring their DNA.

DNA Product Studio includes:

  • The Ancestry API: Continental Ancestry for 6 global populations, or regional ancestry for 26+ populations
  • The Insight API: User-specific results for hundreds of genetic traits or conditions. Options range from simple, single-marker traits to complex polygenic risk scores using thousands of markers and machine learning-based scoring models.
  • The Genomics API: Direct access to more than 100 million base pairs, including SNPs, indels, and copy number variants. The Genomics API supports a wide variety of consumer and health applications, including panel-grade coverage in important regions such as the actionable genes in the ACMG 59, carrier screening, hereditary cancer, hereditary cardiovascular disease, and many others.
  • Embedded Apps: Launch products on the Helix platform with no coding or hosting required.
  • App Acceleration Framework: Bootstrap standalone web and mobile DNA apps with full customization using our white-label product framework.

“Personal genomics is already a billion dollar market that is continuing to expand. A core part of Helix’s mission is help a diverse range of partners launch DNA-powered products quickly and efficiently,” said Justin Kao, Co-Founder and SVP. of Helix. “We use next-generation sequencing technology in our lab–one of the highest throughput clinical exome sequencing labs in the world–to deliver 100x more data than other consumer products. Our turnkey solutions take care of the lab operations so that our partners can focus on delivering value to their customers.”
Helix offers partners a number of ways to build products. Partners can leverage Helix’s new consumer DNA Discovery Kit as a light-weight entry point. Once launched, partners can tap into an existing customer base of sequenced individuals, built on an ecosystem of over 35 products from more than 20 partners. Partners can also work with Helix to tap into their proprietary phenotypic datasets to develop novel polygenic risk scores. For partners with existing clinical tests, Helix also makes it simple to launch consumer-initiated versions targeted at population-scale screening. Additionally, partners can embed DNA insights into existing or new products with a single API call.
“We want to help partners tap into the rapidly growing market for personal genomics, and Helix’s new DNA Product Studio enables our partners to launch new genomic tests and products in a matter of weeks, with no software development required” said Chris Glode, Chief Product Officer at Helix. “We’re making product development easier, pioneering new avenues for preventive health products to reach the market. Millions of people are becoming more proactive about their own health, and in a world where more and more people have access to their genome, responsible and high-quality return of results is critical. We’re excited about the number of new partners and products we can support with DNA Product Studio.”

Read more: https://www.helix.com

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