4/9/2013 6:49:55 AM
Digia releases Qt 5.1 with Android and iOS support
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Digia releases Qt 5.1 with Android and iOS support

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Press Announcements Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Qt (makers of KDE for Linux) have added preliminary support for Android and iOS to Qt 5.1. This release is fully usable on both platforms and you can begin to develop for both OSs immediately. All of qtbase (Qt Core, Gui, Network etc.) is implemented. Qt Quick works very nicely on Android and most sensors are supported.

That means Qt can now be used to build native, smooth applications on Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS X and even BlackBerry 10, all with an excellent integrated development environment - QtCreator.

There are, however, certain limitations. Some parts of Multimedia are not fully implemented and Qt Quick is not yet working on iOS. Tooling is also still a work in progress, and not everything can be done from within Qt Creator yet, but many things are already  working nicely and smoothly.  As announced last year, full Android and iOS support will come with Qt 5.2, but Qt 5.1 provides a solid base for developers to create full applications for these two platforms.

Read more: http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2013/04/08/qt-5-1-al...