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8/2/2021 4:01:04 PM
Developer control plane released from Ambassador Labs
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Developer control plane released from Ambassador Labs


Developer control plane released from Ambassador Labs

Monday, August 2, 2021

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Developer control plane 1.0 was released from Ambassador Labs, it is the world’s first managed developer control plane that will transform the Kubernetes developer experience.

Ambassador Labs, the cloud-native developer experience provider, announced the Ambassador Developer Control Plane 1.0 (DCP), the company’s new managed developer control plane solution that lets developers code, ship, and run apps using Kubernetes faster and easier than ever before. Ambassador DCP provides a new managed cloud UI and integrated toolchains built entirely on top of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open-source projects. With Ambassador DCP, developers and platform teams can intuitively view and manage their organization’s apps and services across development, deployment, and production environments - without the burden of stitching together Kubernetes tools or compromising productivity. Ambassador Labs also unveiled two new developer programs designed specifically to elevate hands-on learning with Kubernetes (Summer of Kubernetes) and recognize top community contributors worldwide (Ambassador Community Advocate program).

Developer control plane released from Ambassador Labs

“Kubernetes has become an industry standard and organizations are now faced with a dizzying ecosystem of cloud-native open-source tools. To deal with increasingly complex tool sprawl, companies have resorted to gluing together various homegrown systems to improve the Kubernetes developer experience. A modern developer control plane is necessary to accelerate Kubernetes adoption with less complexity and our mission is to put one in the hands of every developer and at the heart of every organization,” said Richard Li, CEO & Founder, Ambassador Labs.

Introducing Ambassador Developer Control Plane 1.0

The role of developers building applications on Kubernetes has expanded well beyond writing code and now includes shipping and running the code. This expanded responsibility has been accompanied by massive open-source tool sprawl, further reducing organizational agility and developer productivity. Developers and companies need a developer control plane to manage and visualize all the tools in their modern app development workflows. Ambassador Labs now delivers a turnkey Developer Control Plane built on major CNCF open-source projects. It includes:

  • New Ambassador Developer Control Plane UI. Now available as a managed solution, the Ambassador DCP integrates the Service Catalog, source control, Kubernetes, and key CNCF technologies in a new UI so that developers can view and manage all their Kubernetes services across the entire development lifecycle.
  • Telepresence Support for Docker & MacOS. Telepresence now runs in more places where developers operate, with support for container-based continuous integration systems, macOS, and Linux. In addition, developers can now use Ambassador DCP to manage Telepresence across platform teams.
  • Canary Releases with Argo (Developer Preview). Development teams can now use the Ambassador DCP to manage canary releases to quickly and safely ship updates. Powered by Argo open source, the Ambassador DCP now integrates into existing GitOps workflows, ensuring audibility and visibility across environments.
  • Enhanced Contributor Experience for Emissary-ingress. Contributors to Emissary-ingress, a CNCF Incubation project, now benefit from an overhauled contribution, release, and testing process. With these changes, Emissary-ingress is able to better support the growth in the open-source community.

“The Ambassador Developer Control Plane is a natural evolution to Telepresence. It is now easier than ever to configure multiple supporting services and select from a variety of integrations to manage the development lifecycle for Kubernetes environments,” said Rick Lane, Senior Software Engineer at Puppet.

"Emissary-ingress has been a vital part of our Kubernetes adoption efforts, providing us with an open-source platform for our microservices transition as we grow beyond the 150,000 businesses using our platform. The community leadership and valuable support from the Ambassador Labs team gives us great confidence in our commitment to the project," said Phil Peble, Senior Software Engineer at ActiveCampaign.

New Developer Community Programs for Kubernetes Learning

Focused entirely on Kubernetes and the CNCF ecosystem, Ambassador Labs is committed to growing a global developer community by offering a variety of education and engagement programs to specifically uplevel cloud-native skill sets. The Ambassador Labs community currently benefits from a variety of technical content, open-source tools, events, discussion forums, support channels, and more. To drive deeper learning engagement, Ambassador Labs has launched two new initiatives:

  • Summer of Kubernetes. A free, 90-day Kubernetes education program brings a global community of application developers together to get hands-on with cloud-native technologies through weekly learning challenges. Over the course of the program, developers gain access to Kubernetes experts who will share technical best practices via popular open-source tools to help hone their cloud-native skills, wherever they are on their Kubernetes journey. The program is divided into three, month-long chapters that span the full app development lifecycle - Code, Ship, and Run.
  • Ambassador Community Advocate Program. This inaugural program recognizes and nurtures top Kubernetes experts for their activism and technical contributions within the Ambassador Labs developer community.

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