1. Decentralized MESH just hit a big milestone
5/22/2018 8:38:13 AM
Decentralized MESH just hit a big milestone
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Decentralized MESH just hit a big milestone

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Decentralized MESH System architecture designs from Gopher Protocol have been announced in conjunction with their new communication technology.

A big Decentralized MESH System (DMS) architecture milestone has been announced by Gopher Protocol with the completion of its new communication technology and the finalization of the architecture and infrastructure design. The new design of the DMS paves the way to begin the next phase focused on the network modeling and functionality verification.

One of the essential tasks is assessing gateway (portable and static) capabilities to ensure in-range mobile nodes support and defining maximum/minimum number of node hops to provide efficient coverage for all areas. It is Gopher’s goal to assimilate its national locations to perform as repeater gateways (boosters) to extend ranges and maintain effective coverage.

Gopher intends to design a new network using its own deployed, existing network locations with the goal of combining the network with “opted-in” mobile devices to create a national communications network operating without the costs associated with a national carrier. In order to communicate through this new network, an “opted-in” mobile device will need to be manufactured with Gopher’s microchip, which is under development, or through a SIM Card or SD Card.  

"We are proud to start the network modelling and functionality verification of our Decentralized MESH network. Our goal is to produce a model for simulation and finalization of the system's electronic schematics and flow. In this model, we also intend to include an enhancement in the RDF (Radio Direction Finding) through extensive encryption and other factors in order to obfuscate our system's radio frequency signal, making it secure and undetectable" stated Dr. Rittman, Gopher’s Chief Technology Officer.

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