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2/8/2013 10:22:08 PM
Day two at AppsWorld North America 2013
App Developer Magazine
Day two at AppsWorld North America 2013


Day two at AppsWorld North America 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Phew, day two is over, AppsWorld has come to a close and we are still excited about all we saw! It was truly our pleasure to meet everyone in person, talk with you about your services to developers, and attend break-outs to get some great developer related content. Here are the day two highlights:

Intersog was at AppsWorld as a silver sponsor this year, and spoke with us about how they loved seeing all of the new services available to developers for helping to train their staff.

Mobclix told us they "want to fill developers pockets with cash" with a 40 percent average CPM. They also told us they see that Interstitials pay the most to developers when compared to other ad types on their network. When asked about ads for Windows phone and RIM developers their response was a "there is little interest there for them right now".

We had a great conversation with Chantelle White with BluTrumpet, who told us all about their incredible $20 avg CPM ad delivery through a unique "offer wall" delivery where developers get the choice of how and when to engage in the offers presentation. They are a CPI based ad network, and pride themselves on working individually with developers to help them attain the highest about of revenue possible.

Corona was there in full force. We had some very engaging conversations with David Rangel, Walter Lou, And Charles McKeever about Corona's expanding presence in the market, overall developer interest, the latest additions into their SDK, and how developers are pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming technology, and even creating high-end utility apps using their multi-platform SDK.

We sat in on the Enterprise dev breakout regarding good UI experiences, where a panel of developers and experts talked about how translating a desktop experience over to mobile needs to remember that some things don't translate well, and to "keep things de-cluttered". Also to remember that with a mobile UI a single finger swipe can do a myriad of desktop functions all at once, so doing "more with less" can aid in UI design overall.

In an HTML5 workshop, we witnessed an amazing demonstration of just how far HTML5 has come by presenter and CEO / Founder of Famo.us Steve NewComb. The demo (which is available publicly by going to famo.us in your browser on mobile or desktop) uses no CSS, no canvas, and are all DOM crawlable objects on screen. The entire project was created as a "stress-test" to prove certain things can be attained in HTML5 with no performance hit to the device. Things like infinite scroll in 3D, and interrupting a function or process in mid-stream while in 3D and having a 65k overall file sized file where all displayed. Steve also pointed out several points regarding performance and HTML5 in general, taking a special note to say "CSS3 can completely ruin your performance rating" when used improperly.

In the developer Zone, Vision Objects led a workshop where they showed offer their handwriting recognition API and talked about how mobile apps can benefit from simple input gestures using handwriting. 

We spoke with ARXAN about mobile security and how over 92% of the top paid iOS apps are hacked as well as 100% of the top Android apps! Their security software helps developers protect their apps from being the victims of hacked and "re-spun" into other markets by someone else.

We talked with Mobilico about their mobile backend service.

We had a lengthy conversation with Blackberry about the state of the mobile ecosystem, their involvement in developer relations, BB10 OS and their new phone, as well as the simple process of porting an Android app over into the BlackBerry app store.

We spoke with Michael Singer of TabTimes about their tablet oriented publication, and we even saw a demo of the publication on the iPad (which was very sharp).

We sat in on the developer workshop with Mag+ where they did a deep dive into using their content SDK to deliver rich user experiences throughout iOS and Android. They did a full demo from start to finish using their SDK from within xCode, and showed off some of the advanced features that are also available such as creating custom shopping cart experiences from within a publication. They explained how some current print publications such as Popular Science and Photography magazines have used their SDK to bring their publications to the tablet world.

AppAnnie told us that they are bringing analytics to Windows phone 8 and Amazon apps through their reporting engine by April of this year.

Shinobi Controls gave us a nice demonstration of their UI controls for the iOS developer market to create rich UI experiences from within their apps. They said that an Android version is in beta, and should be coming out possibly mid-summer this year.

The Unity gang was there to chat with us about developer use of their gaming engine, and that most developers don't realize they do more than just provide an engine that can be used for games. They also said that BlackBerry and Windows Phones using unity shouldn't be far off - but couldn't elaborate further.

123RF talked to us about how mobile developers use their image libraries to put royalty free images in their apps.

We had a great talk with Jennifer Wong, and Casey Sackett who are a husband and wife team from Alt12 Apps, about their success in app development with their apps Kidfolio, BabyBump, and Pink Pad. With over 8 million downloads and an interesting monetization strategy they had a lot to share! Look for an up-coming article featuring their story.

We visited with Mach about their carrier billing opportunities developer can use to monetize their apps with. 

The ad network Taptica told us about their ad delivery mechanism that keeps the users inside the app during an ad click, all the way up to the app install itself. They also mentioned their cross-promotion side of things for developers.

Get.it has a very interesting product that allows developers to use SMS delivery for app downloads, which was thought was an interesting approach to a rapidly growing problem of app discovery.

We sat in on the workshop from PurpleDesigns about UX design and listened to Brian Egan (Founder) talk about his trails in learning good US for his apps.

Tapit CEO, Giancarlo Maniaci told listening developers at the Droid World section of the event that what really matters is defining your end goal, building user acquisitions, testing, and tracking everything is really the key to earning top revenue from your apps.

We spoke with the people at Nook for a while about the Nook market and how they see a lot of bleed-over from the Android developer side. They said 90% of all of the Nook apps in their store are paid apps, and tend to be family oriented or children based apps. They try to encourage developers to create a "nook experience" when developing for the platform.

AppGratis told us all about their "App a day" campaigns where developers can get their app spotlighted in their over 2 million active user base environment, which could send them into the top rankings for any market rather quickly.

We ended the day with conversations with TradeMob, The App Builder, Paypal, Appthority, and Microsoft.

Check out everything from day one here

It was a great show and we can't wait until the next event to visit with everyone again and see what they've been up to since the last time we spoke, and to meet new friends to tell them all about our efforts in the magazine.

We will be covering much more win-depth articles in the weeks to come so check back on our website, watch our Twitter feed, or subscribe to our newsletter for updated content.

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