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2/7/2013 8:38:02 PM
Day one at AppsWorld North America 2013
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Day one at AppsWorld North America 2013


Day one at AppsWorld North America 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

A HUGE thank you to Kate Williams of AppsWorld for the invitation to cover the event. It has been nothing short of amazing, and has been great to meet everyone in person, and tell them all about our new magazine. Here is a condensed rundown of our day:

SendDroid talked to us about their app monetization network offered to Android developers that is offering high CPMs and many different ad types. 

Mag+ showed us what can be done with their latest SDK to allow developers to create super rich-media content for publications, in-app help systems and just about anything with content. Plus they talked about their latest content, where they are challenging app developers to "Unleash the Content!".

StartApp showed us their Android based ad network that allows developers to earn revenue when apps get downloaded from within their apps.

The Microsoft developer breakout told developers that they need to think about their app UI before they decide to "just clone it" over to various networks because the UI matters and needs to be consistent with the OS on the device (Windows, Android, iOS).

Chris Dury from GetJar had a lot to tell Android developers about the Android market in 2013. He said that this will be the "biggest year ever for Android". In his presentation titled "Making Money with Android", he went on to say how Carrier Billing is currently only in 9 countries, but by the end of this year it will be spread to over 40 countries. 

We sat in on SOA's presentation where they talked about enterprise developers creating API's instead of just apps because creating apps is a "one-shot" kind of return on investment, whereas API's offer developers the opportunity for their product to be used in multiple apps by multiple developers.

Intel had some interesting things to say during their presentation about how to use their Expressway API. The presenter Neill Massello said it was "important to know your app developer audience, and they have learned to showcase apps developed using their API".

We had a conversation with Roy Sutton from Enyo about their javascript framework and the future of HTML5.

Plural Sight gave us some excellent insight into their online classes for developers.

AppFlood told us all about their real-time bidding system for cross-promotion and how developers can earn money from their ad network.

We learned all about the Kony multi-platform framework which includes porting your apps over into just about any platform including HTML5, Blackberry, iOS, and more..

The Bizness App template framework guys showed us their product, which is a simple structured app framework that anyone can use to make an app for a company. They will even publish it for you and allow app developers to "white label" their own spin of the development framework.

The folks at AppVillage told us how they are bringing together app developers, designers, and investors, to bring app ideas to life. We also sat in on their presentation to developers where the CEO Steve Fanale said "Everyone has an app idea", and while the Gold rush appears to be over in mobile app development, there still a lot of people making a lot of money. "Speed to market is key, because if you are sitting on your app idea then someone else is already doing it."

Bunndle was also there to tell us all about their Android ad network and how they are getting developers high CPM's with a unique method of interstitial ad delivery.

There was a lot going on and this post is just a slimmed down version of everything we did. We will certainly be posting more in-depth information in future articles here on our website, and in the magazine very soon! Be sure and read about day two here.

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