1. Datagres Latest Release Offers New Application I-O Analytics
10/27/2015 8:06:03 AM
Datagres Latest Release Offers New Application I-O Analytics
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Datagres Latest Release Offers New Application I-O Analytics

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Datagres has released updates to its PerfAccel Analytics Platform, a SaaS offering that supports companies with data center architecture that leverages Intel-based servers with PCIe- and NVMe-based fast storage capability for low latency and the high throughput. 

With the latest platform release Datagres provides the ability to offer intelligent purchase decisions and balance the need for Intel Servers and Flash storage across all tiers including host servers, network servers, or storage servers.

With the introduction of PerfAccel 3.0, the platform has received upgrades in the areas of application I/O analytics, predictive analytics, root-cause analysis, a new advanced GUI, better usability, and support for newer applications and operating environments. PerfAccel 3.0 offers a set of enterprise-grade features that makes it a solution to for real-time reporting and application-aware analytics with a software-defined approach.

As data center boundaries get redrawn, Datagres is helping shift the burden of performance optimization from the storage subsystem to the host layer. The platform supports transformation with new storage orchestration software and non-volatile memory technologies.

PerfAccel 3.0operates at the file level, providing performance analytics that enables IT administrators to achieve very prescriptive movements of data. With PerfAccel 3.0, customers can gather meaningful insights associated with I/O patterns of specific application processes or sessions. Access pattern correlation at various levels of granularity can be delivered per application class for problem remediation.

PerfAccel identifies working datasets and provides real-time and historic trend analysis to predict future capacity and performance-related outcomes. Customers can use the data to perform what-if analysis and make the right hardware investments.

PerfAccel’s centralized management node provides a single pane of glass view and manages multiple client nodes for installation and global policy enforcement. It provides visibility of application connectivity to data for orchestrating and troubleshooting the entire grid. 

With the 3.0 release, the management node scales to thousands of clients. The release also adds flexible deployment enhancements to the license administration to support floating licenses for dynamically changing data center environments. The REST API-enabled management server is fast and extensible, with the ability to observe real-time graphs and in-depth reporting.

For customers who use AutoFS to dynamically mount and un-mount data that is used by applications, the new AutoFS support helps measure I/O analytics by taking care of the right set of data under the AutoFS. It also offers benefits achieved from aggregating the analytics to identify I/O patterns across a large number of mounts.

Support for all the major Linux distributions is available including support for Red Hat 7.x as well as Ubuntu 14.x. In addition, with this release support for XFS was added to round up all major file systems (ext3, ext4, and nfs3). PerfAccel 3.0 adds support for KVM and OpenStack, giving administrators tremendous flexibility in their deployment options.

Read more: http://www.datagres.com/index.html

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