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8/31/2023 10:30:28 AM
Custom AI builder HumanFirst forms alliance with Google Cloud
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Custom AI builder HumanFirst forms alliance with Google Cloud

Artificial Intelligence

Custom AI builder HumanFirst forms alliance with Google Cloud

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

HumanFirst announces a new collaboration with Google Cloud to support global enterprises to effortlessly transform unstructured text-based data into actionable insights and robust artificial intelligence applications.

HumanFirst announced a new alliance with Google Cloud to aid enterprises globally in effortlessly transforming unstructured text-based data into actionable insights and robust artificial intelligence applications. HumanFirst is designed as a collaborative platform, to assist teams in data experimentation, the discovery of insights, as well as AI and prompt performance testing within a flexible playground environment. The collaboration with Google Cloud will elevate this experience: leveraging integrations with Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI), Dialogflow, BigQuery, and Vertex AI, businesses can quickly interpret real-time data, create superior datasets for BI dashboards, and continuously improve custom NLU and LLM-powered applications.

"Our mission is to help companies innovate and unlock the potential of their conversational data in ways that have not been accessible before. This alliance with Google Cloud is a milestone as together we equip companies with enhanced end-to-end tooling to build, test, and launch automation with a deeply data-driven perspective," says Gregory Whiteside, Co-founder and CEO of HumanFirst.

HumanFirst announces alliance with Google Cloud to amplify data productivity, accelerate custom AI and prompt innovations

"We are happy to have HumanFirst using Google Cloud’s generative AI technology to help customers better observe and understand their data, creating stronger, data-driven AI applications across business use cases. HumanFirst’s collaborative platform will apply Google Cloud’s scalable infrastructure to help businesses achieve better insights from data and AI models," said Rodrigo Rocha, Director of Global Partnerships, Google Cloud.

Deloitte, one of the early customers of the combined technology suite, has already seen substantial benefits from this collaboration. Leveraging HumanFirst's topic modeling tool within Google Cloud's ecosystem, they achieved results 90% faster than anticipated, and at 80% of the cost, showcasing the powerful impact of this alliance.

"Leveraging HumanFirst’s topic modeling tool within Google Cloud’s ecosystem accelerated our approach to understanding call drivers in our client’s contact centers. HumanFirst’s user-friendly interface and AI-powered features cut down the time previously required for complex processes, allowing our data scientists and analysts to concentrate on the critical task of labeling. Moreover, the tool’s collaborative features and seamless integrations into Google Cloud’s suite of applications improved the team’s workflow and process. Another key differentiator of the tool is its capability to yield granular insights by decomposing overarching call topics into more specific elements such as intents, sub-intents, and entities. Ultimately, we were able to deliver timely, and reliable insights for our client. Going forward, we will continue introducing HumanFirst’s tool and Google Cloud’s suite of technology to our other clients who need similar analysis across unstructured data," according to Deloitte’s experience.

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