7/27/2013 11:35:59 AM
Create a 3D Pong Game With Three.js and WebGL
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Create a 3D Pong Game With Three.js and WebGL

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Saturday, July 27, 2013

Want to get started using three.js but don't know where to go? A new tutorial over at buildnewgames.com will get you started by showing you how to create a 3D game using three.js and WebGL. After you get your machine setup to build programs on the three.js platform, the tutorial will take you through building a pong game clone (in 3D), with plenty of copy and paste code to use, and images to reference.

Here are a few prerequisites you'll need first:
  • A browser with WebGL - this game has been tested on Chrome and Firefox. IE still doesn’t support WebGL, unless you’re using Windows 8.1 with IE11.
  • Three.js library available for download from the Three.js website
  • The Keyboard.js helper library I used for this project, created by Arthur Schreiber at No Karma. Download it from my GitHub repository
  • A basic understanding of what Three.js does. Read this super simple, super quick tutorial by Paul Lewis. It’s basically a short-hand version of this article.

Read more: http://buildnewgames.com/webgl-threejs/


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