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3/20/2017 4:11:31 PM
Coresystems says crowdsourcing can upend the field service industry
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Coresystems says crowdsourcing can upend the field service industry


Coresystems says crowdsourcing can upend the field service industry

Monday, March 20, 2017

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Project management module enhancement added to field service software platform by Coresystem.

Coresystems has introduced the Project Management Module, a significant new enhancement to its field service software platform. With the new offering, Coresystems is enabling customers to crowd source their field service operations through their “crowd service” delivery model, in order to reduce operational expenditure and risk and increase customer satisfaction and revenue.
The exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the real-time connectivity it enables has led to a massive spike in consumer expectations for instantaneous customer service. As a result, organizations of all sizes and across all industries have been forced to rethink their strategies for customer service delivery, including their workforce resources and supporting technologies. In doing so, many organizations are finding that they lack the technician specialists required to deliver real-time field service to their customers, and until now there has been no technology-based solution to help organizations find and deploy those specialists. Compounding this resource availability problem is the fact that every day the number of IoT-connected devices in circulation is increasing, which further adds to organizations’ backlogs of field service requests.
Coresystems developed its real-time field service software platform to help organizations improve their business and field service processes, and with the introduction of the Project Management Module, they can now offer its customers access to a crowd service delivery model based on crowdsourcing. Through their crowd service model, organizations will be able to utilize a platform that connects all of the qualified field service technicians for a certain service requested by a customer, and those technicians will then be instantly available to the field service organization. The Project Management Module enables this by providing easy-to-use functionality to help customers build project structures with phases, activities, dependencies and skills; an artificial intelligence engine to automatically assign the project activities to the required qualification/skills and dependencies; and an overview of the current execution of each project.

Key features:

- Management of project phases, activities, dependencies and related properties to help customers quickly establish project structures

- The ability for customers to release their projects to the crowd with automatic assignment to the right technician

- A comprehensive overview of each project execution
“We understand first-hand the complexities that the IoT and the increasing digitalization of business are bringing to traditional customer service delivery models,” said Manuel Grenacher, CEO of Coresystems. “Put simply, many organizations are under-equipped to meet the customer service needs of today’s ultra-connected consumer - either because they don’t have enough field service technicians or because the technicians they have aren’t up to speed on today’s technologies. Based on this, we saw a need for businesses to look beyond their own organizations to find the field service resources they now require. With Coresystems’ crowd service, organizations are able to leverage the sharing economy model to deliver the real-time service demanded by their customers - and in doing so, they’re able to significantly increase customer satisfaction while enjoying the double benefit of reduced operational costs.”

Read more: http://www.coresystems.net/

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