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7/10/2014 10:49:55 AM
Control the Performance of Your App With Kwicr: The Worlds First Mobile Delivery Network
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Control the Performance of Your App With Kwicr: The Worlds First Mobile Delivery Network


Control the Performance of Your App With Kwicr: The Worlds First Mobile Delivery Network

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wanted to slap your head and shout “How smart is that!” We did that after visiting with the people behind Kwicr. They solve a common problem, offer a unique and easy to integrate solution, all backed by very complicated science.

The Problem
There are a broad range of network impairments that normally inhibit the reliable delivery of your app content, which in turn creates frustration for your app users. There are a number of outcomes resulting from frustrated users, none of them good.

The Solution
Kwicr is building the world’s first Mobile Delivery Network. The Kwicr platform improves the delivery of your content to your end users – it’s as simple as that. Add one line of code to your IDE, recompile – and you’re ready to go. This one line of code provides access to an SDK that gives you control over a problem you never had control over before. How smart is that!

How Does it Work?
By combining super smart science with “Adaptive Intelligence.” Advanced mathematics compensate for packet loss within a network and reduces costly retransmissions as the platform’s Intelligent Rate Control optimizes network goodput. Or in other words, the platform recognizes what’s slowing down your information transfer and helps speed things up. 

How You Benefit
Your users experience less turbulence using your app. They get a smooth ride and you get happier customers. You don’t have to take a Marketing 101 class to understand that happier customers means more revenues, less hassle, and a happier you.

But Wait There’s More
An added bonus is that you also receive application-level analytics with the Kwicr analytics connection-based KPIs to give you deeper insight into the network conditions that are hindering your content delivery. Get the network performance information you need to compliment your app data in order to analyze and troubleshoot all user experiences.

So what kind of improvements should you expect to see?

- Users have a better access to the content they want, when and where they want it

- Improved quality of rich media playback

- Eliminated “buffer bloat” and the spinning “progress wheel” = reduced re-buffering and video stalls

- Enhanced transmission speed and quality

The Kwicr “Adaptive Intelligence” is smart, constantly learning and completely under your control. The platform knows when it can improve a session and, if it can’t, it steps out of the way. Also, you can direct the service to take actions based on a series of very flexible parameters like time of day, location, network type, etc.

The platform will be available for iOS and Android apps with more options to follow.

Kwicr will offer a “freemium” entry level for developers, which includes its powerful analytics platform combined with acceleration of a set level of data. Incremental levels will be available based on the amount of total data accelerated. Formal pricing will be available at commercial launch in the Fall.

Your Input

Kwicr is seeking input from the developer community to learn more about how developers are dealing with issues that affect mobile app performance. They are conducting a survey which provides the opportunity for you to provide input about your personal challenges combating app downtime and unresponsiveness.

The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey you’ll be able to enter a drawing to win an iPad or Android tablet, a GoPro camera, or a Sonos speaker system. Kwicr will randomly select five people who have completed the survey, and they'll each get to choose from these prizes.

Beta Program

Kwicr is also inviting developers to participate in their upcoming beta program. It’s a great opportunity to help shape the platform and learn firsthand how it can help your apps provide a better user experience. 

You can go directly to the survey here. To learn more about the beta program click here.

Read more: http://www.kwicr.com/

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